There have been some enhancements to our website.  We are trying to host through WordPress now instead of through Google to see the different features we can achieve.

Please feel free to look around and give any feedback or criticism.  If there are some things you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

We also have a new, sleek, no-nonsense mobile version of our site to make it easier for smartphones to view and navigate!

The home page is still our static welcome page.  We’ve added our Twitter feed to the sidebar which will include some occasional funny music-photos or candid shots from concerts and practices.

Check back here for announcements concerning practice changes, concert updates, and any general news coming your way.

The calendar is still the same feed from Google.

Our multimedia page is also coming with us which will update periodically.

On the top of each page you will see the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube icons that we have set up on other social media sites.  Feel free to explore!


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